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What's in the name?

An ambitious missionGold ducat from Denmark

The company name of Ducatt stands for Dedicated Ultra Clear Anti-reflective Thin and Toughened solar glass.


Because of its dedication to the solar industry, Ducatt is your ideal partner to develop spearhead solutions in glass for your latest innovations. In close collaboration and with one common objective: to optimize the cost-effectiveness of your solar system and reduce the total cost of ownership.


No matter whether you are in the photovoltaic c-Si or thin-film, thermal, CSP or even in the greenhouse business, Ducatt supplies you with exactly the type of solar glass that enables you to maximize the yield of your solar application.


Ducatt also refers to the Italian ‘Ducato’, which was the currency of the Republic of Venice as from the 13th century. It was made of almost pure gold and became the general trade coin throughout Europe. This not only conveys Ducatt’s international ambition. It is also a metaphor for Ducatt’s mission:


to help you and your customers catch the energy of the golden sun, and save energy costs,

by means of the ultimate glass for solar applications.


Literally and figuratively, Ducatt helps you harvest gold.