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Commited to qualityIn-line visual inspection

Only by living up to the highest possible quality standards Ducatt can supply you with superior quality products, service and support.


Therefore, a continuous inline production monitoring system scans and tracks every single sheet of glass from its base material to its delivery at your door. So, each sheet of glass is fully traceable.


Ducatt's rigorous quality testing methods are compliant with the main international standards and focus on ensuring your production efficiency.


Moreover, Ducatt stimulates the quality culture in its entire organization by promoting and encouraging an attitude of constant improvement and innovation. All in order to meet -and even surpass- their commitment towards providing you total satisfaction.

Corporate responsibility

As social and environmental responsibility are in the very nature of Ducatt's business, the entire production process is designed to minimize environmental impact and to ensure long-term sustainability. In order to assure an environmentally sound, locally manufactured product, Ducatt's procurement chain is closely monitored.