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The vast majority of Ducatt's solar glass is made to order, with a target delivery lead time of 4 weeks. To limit transport costs and environmental impact, the minimum order quantity Ducatt offers is the equivalent of a full truck load or a full container load. Smaller order sizes are available on request. All orders are packaged in-line according to your specifications.

Flexible packagingStock on L-frames

Ducatt pays special care to adequate packaging of the glass sheets to make sure you receive them in good condition. Both one-way and returnable packaging are possible, whichever you prefer.


Ducatt stacks the glass sheets either vertically on L-frames or in end-caps, or horizontally on pallets. As separator between the glass sheets you have the choice between nylon strings, powder or paper.

Strategic partnership

Customers of Ducatt are welcome to pick up their orders FCA Lommel (Belgium). However, usually Ducatt ships customer orders in full truck loads or full container loads, depending on the destination and transport mode, for DDU delivery to your production site. 


Group H. EssersGroup H. Essers, a leading logistics service provider in Belgium with an excellent quality track record, operates a warehouse and a busy transport hub right at Ducatt's doorstep.


This allows Ducatt to ship orders to their customers daily at an advantageous cost and to return empty L-racks efficiently.