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Innovation is a way of life

Up to 95 %, down to 2 mmHand samples cut to size

In order to make its contribution, Ducatt commits itself to a clear and focused target:


The development of dedicated ultra-clear glass for solar applications, with a transparency of up to 95 % and a thickness down to 2 mm.


All Ducatt its efforts in research and development are aiming for that goal: 

  • finding the ideal chemical composition in combination with the optimal melting and rolling proces,
  • reducing thickness and weight without losing strength,
  • developing techniques to minimize reflection.

Thin and light, strong and solid

bended solar panelThe ultimate challenge when developing solar glass is always the same - to combine seemingly incompatible properties such as ‘thin and light’ with ‘strong and solid’. Always keeping in mind the highest possible transparency, of course.


In combination with the right mindset, expertise automatically leads to innovation. Resulting in this particular case even in a brand new company, dedicated to creating and producing the ultimate glass for solar applications.


If you would like to know how Ducatt can optimize your solar application, please send us an e-mail.